October 20, 2018

Oof. Hello. Today is the big day. Do you know what this word means? I do, you will find out later, it is fun, unless it’s about you. Oof.

There will be beer and sausages and loads of fun, but probably no goats, unless you bring one. Then there will be a goat.

Tschuss, Hubert!


Be sure to wear your Socktoberfest Tracht  this Saturday to my party!  ReBAR is giving everyone in Socktoberfest Costume a FREE BEER!!!  Wear your Lederhose, a dirndl or dress up as a banana, and you will get BEER, Oof!

Have you seen this goat?

October 12, 2017

This is the Goat who was at my party last year.  I can’t find him, oof.  Did he go home with you?  Are you coming to my party at ReBAR next Saturday?  I hope so.  If you see the goat, please tell him to show up too….


OOF, Climb every mountain!

August 18, 2017


OOf can you believe it’s been 10 years?  I cannot…, I cannot actually remember any of those years, oof.  But I bet you do!  This year we will have our big party again, at ReBAR!  It will be more fun than ever…I am old, oof!

Before we get started i wanted to go over some of the ground rules, oof!


Do not let the Goat sit at the bar…


Do not give the Goat your beer…


Do not let the Goat eat my birthday cake…


Do not dress the Goat up in a silly outfit…


Do not Motorboat with the Goat…

All these things you cannot do with the Goat but you can enjoy with your legal and consenting friends tonight at Rebar, 1225 So. Main Street, Fabulous Las Vegas, oof.

Love, Hubert

Ps.  Look for me celebrating in the window, oof!

OOF, What happened!?!

August 14, 2016

Hubert forgot we went to Big Bear last year and had a blast!  What a Burn that naughty monkey is.  He forgot the whole year!

Oof, do you remember Big Bear?  It was fun, there was dancing and slapping, and sausages, and beer and Jager, and Alpenslide, and breakfust, and pontoon booze crooze, and all sorts of stuff!

This year we are announcing a special venue!!!  This year Socktoberfest will be at the amazing reBar in beautiful Downtown Las Vegas!  It’s a super fun place that is serious about it’s beer and big time blasts.  Hubert has been hanging out there every Saturday since they opened, he says it’s cause he likes the beer, but I think he has a Man-Monkey Crush on the bartender!bruce smiley.jpg

Check our ReBar on Facebook for info on the venue.  More news to come in the future, we hope everyone can come and celebrate!

Oof! The Party is over!

October 20, 2014

2008-12-17_DSC_2749Wow, that was a big party, oof! I want to thanks everyone for coming, it was fun!

I especially want to thank everyone who came and helped, by setting up, bringing food and drink, cleaning, running the tiki-tiki, dressing up like gnomes, making crazy koo-koo hats, going to my donations page and helping out, eating all the cheeze, breaking up fights between simians and foul, cooking up the brats, wearing your tracht-finery, singing with Squeezie, getting the tee shirts, drinking from the Clock, etc, oof!

It was crazy fun, there are photos all over the Facebook, I am glad, because I can’t always remember it…

Love, Hubert


PS.  See you in Munich!!!  For info send email to HUBERTFEST@AOL.COM


This is it! OOf!

October 18, 2014

Hello. this is Hubert. are you coming to my party? It is today….Have you eaten my homemade pickles before? Do you have the invite? Do you have the address? Are you ready to eat cheese? Do you like yummy beer?  Have you ever worn the cuckoo clock?  Do you like hot cheese?  Have you heard me blow my Alphorn?  Have you called the limo company to pick you up and take you home? Do you have your dirndl pressed?  Are you ready to eat sausages? Did you practice your chicken dance?  Do you like chocolate cake? Have you ever climbed the Matterhornz?  Do you know Heino? Are your lederhosen aired out? Are you ready to eat yummy potato salad? Are you ready for fun? Oof…

Oof!  I haven’t even finished picking my outfit for this year, but apparently there is planning for next years’ event happening all ready!

That crazy lady I live with is apparently getting messages from a talking pickle, telling her what to do!!!



It’s a big, big, announcement! Do you think you can handle it?  Are you ready, oof?  Are you sitting down?  Wait for it, wait for it……….


Destination: Munich 2015!!!!   Yes, you heard that right!!  The talking pickle says the party is going to be in Munich, Germany next year!  You can get all sorts of info on this at the party on Saturday and maybe even talk to the pickle yourself, oof!!!!