OOF… Are you ready for Socktoberfest 2010?

February 25, 2010

OOf.  Hello.  Let me tell you something. I think I am just recovering now, but I am ready to do it all over again!  It is fun.

I have a big announcement to make, oof.  Are you ready?  Ok. 

I am having my own beers custom brewed for the Socktoberfest.  It is called “Hubert’s Triple Threat”.  I have the same two master brew-miesters who made my peanut butter ale (do you remember it?  I dont…oof.) It was good, and now they are going to make 3 special beers for 2010, yum. 

They have to start making the special Socktoberfest beer now, it needs to ferment for 6 months…oof.  I will taste it.  It will be good!

I am looking at the calender to try to decide when will be the time for the party.  There will be a save the date post that you will not want to miss, oof!

Mien Oktober Kalender, oof.

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