Oof. Custom micro brews!

September 29, 2010

Did I tell you that this year we are having 3 different custom micro brewed beers? Oof. If you tried the peanut butter stout last year, you know how good it’s all going to be, yum. Our brewmiesters have been working all year to create these delicious treats for you! Watch for a future blog where I announce the yum flavors for you, oof.

Hello.  It is Hubert. This is my Blob.  It is good.  Socktoberfest is coming up soon.  Do you know?  Oof.  This year is going to be good.  It is my 3rd annual Socktoberfest.   Some people want to know if it is my birthday, oof.  No.  I am a old sockmonkey, and I do not remember my birthday.  Oof.  ever since that hot tub accident, Nagano ’98. 

Some machine that controls the making of beer.

Machines making beer, oof.


More beer cookin' up good, oof.