October 1, 2010

OOf. Prepare yourself for this announcement, this is big, oof.
I told you about the custom brews, you are gonna love. Yum.
My most excellent, personal brewmeisters, “The Sieben Straße Schöpfers“ (S-cubed) have created this flavour-fest for my party. They made the Peanut Butter beer last year.  It was so good, they are making all the beer for 2010.   You will meet them, they will be there…

This one is tasty, made in the style of old Munich beer, but for Socktoberfest. OOf. The brewmeisters, have been making this since the springtime. It’s got hops, not socks.

This is the one that is gonna get you loaded, oof. I mean it; it’s smooth and refreshing. Light and delicious, yum. You will love it. I can drink it all day long.

This is my favorite, this is custom developed for me.  Liquid Cake with booze.  It is chocolate, cherry, and bourbon, with a creamy finish, oof. I love the creamy finish.

These are the Beers. There will also be Jager, oof. I can’t wait. Can you?


2 Responses to “BIG ANNOUNCEMENT”

  1. DerWeiner Brucezel said

    Ze munkey ist un partyanimal!

  2. Das biers sound super gutten gud!! Yah, ich cannot waitenzie fur das grosse fest of Sockensteins!!! Vil be ser gutten fun indeed!! Vo ist der bahnhoff?!

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