oof. My ancestrial hutte.

September 30, 2011

We went to Zermatt.  A nice man rented me a helicopter so we could see my old hutte.  Here it is in the distance.  My hutte is on this big rock the people call “Matterhornz”.

We went to see my old hutte.  Here it is.  You can zoom in an see where I was raised.  I had to ski down this rock to leave my home and become a man-monkey.  Oof.

I have to admit that I was misty eyed…

OOF.  If you come to my party, you will see video.  It was a touching moment.


Hello. I am blogging now. I was on a trip.  We went to Switerland.  We ate lots of Cheese.  It was good.  Watch my blog, I will show you more.

Oof… I like Sushi

September 7, 2011

Oof, I like sushi, it’s yummy. But I like fondue better…oof. But I like raclette best, oof-yum.

Have you tried my raclette? It is good with beer, good beer. Mmm. Oof.

Have you had the beer that is made for my party? It is special beer. I don’t know where it comes from, and how. There are some guys. I think they make it.

Maybe I will ask them tis year at the party…oof, maybe not.