Oof… I like Sushi

September 7, 2011

Oof, I like sushi, it’s yummy. But I like fondue better…oof. But I like raclette best, oof-yum.

Have you tried my raclette? It is good with beer, good beer. Mmm. Oof.

Have you had the beer that is made for my party? It is special beer. I don’t know where it comes from, and how. There are some guys. I think they make it.

Maybe I will ask them tis year at the party…oof, maybe not.


One Response to “Oof… I like Sushi”

  1. Yeah Hubert – they give you the best beer for your party! Always a nifty surprise flavor! And yeah, fondue is king! Sushi is always fab, but now I gotta google this raclette you mentioned!! And I’ll post a favorite local specialty drink I had in Wurzburg a long time ago – might be fun to have a couple of those since it’s your party! Oof!

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