OOF! Did you have a good time? I know I did. It was awesome. I had lots of good beers and foods.

I had a good time dancing and singing. Thanks to you all for celebrating my birthday, Bavarian style. Oof.

It was real gut. Next year will be the 5 year big party.  Don’t forget to keep following my Blob.  I may not post for a little while, but I will. Oof. I am going to sleep now.


Hello. this is Hubert. are you coming to my party? Have you eaten my homemade pickles before? Do you have the invite? Do you have the address? Are you ready to eat cheese? Do you like yummy beer?  Have you ever worn the cuckoo clock?  Do you like hot cheese?  Have you heard me blow my Alphorn?  Have you called the limo company to pick you up? Do you have your dirndl pressed?  Are you ready to eat sausages? Did you practice your chicken dance?  Do you like chocolate cake? Have you ever climbed the Matterhornz?  Do you know Heino? Are your lederhosen aired out? Are you ready to eat yummy potato salad? Are you ready for fun? Oof…

OOF. I am.

If you forgot a outfit or need a hat we will have some favours for you, but if you want to go all out go to Hofbrauhaus on Harmon and Paradise. they have good stuff in the shop, and they have yummy food and beer to get you in the spirit.

Plus, you can have my girlfrund, Judy the Jagergirl, spank yu wth a paddle, it is fun!

Oof. I like cake!

October 14, 2011

I like cake.  This is cake and chocolate balls I ate when I was in Zurich.  It was yummy.  But I will tell you.  It is not as yummy as the cake you will eat at my party.  Oof.  Are you coming to Socktoberfest?  One of my favorite lady’s will be making cake, yum.  You will love it, oof.

Here is a photo of some people I know looking at the Matterhornz.  I think that crane is there because they are renovating.  Maybe they are fixing my old Hutte? Oof.

“Fritz, don’t drink all the Jager!”  Oof.

But her idea is about knitting!

Read her blog too, it is good…



Hello, if you were at socktoberfest before you know that the beer is the best….this year we will have good beer too.  There are guys i know who make it up good, just for me yum.

My most excellent, personal brewmeisters, “The Sieben Straße Schöpfers“ (S-cubed) have created this flavour-fest for my party. They made the delicious beer last year.  It was so good, they are making all the beer again for 2011.   You will meet them, they will be there…

This one is tasty, made in the style of old Munich beer, but for Socktoberfest. OOf. The brewmeisters, have been making this since the springtime. It’s got hops, not socks.

This is the one that is gonna get you loaded, oof. I mean it; it’s smooth and refreshing. Light and delicious, yum. You will love it. I can drink it all day long.

This is my favorite special beer, this is custom developed for me.  It is based on a yummy chocolate stout.  But it’s got a surprise of minty goodness to help keep your breath kissn’ fresh.  It’s like a blast of fresh alpine air.  This will be good for me to blow my alpshorn.

These are the Beers. There will also be Jager, oof. I can’t wait. Can you?

You can’t see me in this photo.  That’s cause i was next to this guy.  I was blowing my horn.  Oof, Alpshorn…

That guy was out of tune, he was throwing me off.  If you come to Socktoberfest, I will blow my horn for you.  It will be good.  You will like it.

Here is a mountain I climbed in the Alps.  It was good, i almost fell, but i was good.  You have to use crampons.  Oof.