Oof. See you next year! Oof.

October 24, 2011

OOF! Did you have a good time? I know I did. It was awesome. I had lots of good beers and foods.

I had a good time dancing and singing. Thanks to you all for celebrating my birthday, Bavarian style. Oof.

It was real gut. Next year will be the 5 year big party.  Don’t forget to keep following my Blob.  I may not post for a little while, but I will. Oof. I am going to sleep now.


3 Responses to “Oof. See you next year! Oof.”

  1. Great party, Hubert! Thanks so much for inviting us. – Peter & Heidi

  2. Mike said

    Socktoberfest ist der Größte! Leider konnten wir nicht mit dem Aufräumen zu helfen. Würste! Ich schneide mir den Fuß!. Vielen Dank! Viva Hubert! Er ist ordentlich! Bier ist lecker!

  3. Super fun party, muchas danke!!

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