OOF! A quick message for my sponser…YOU!

August 8, 2012

OOF.  I am often asked by our friends “How can I help with sOcktoberfest”. Well, oof, I went into a conference meeting with some of my best people and I came up with this idea;



In the box that reads FIND REGISTRANT enter “HUBERT” (that is my name, oof!) as First name (leave last name blank).  Please check it out and have fun. Any help is a big help. We thank you and i cant wait til the big party…Socktoberfest 5.0Image


2 Responses to “OOF! A quick message for my sponser…YOU!”

  1. Guten Tag! Ya, I’m goin to the best Oktoberfest party around!! I’m the accordion player and I’ll be polka rockin’ the joint! Feel free to go to my blog and leave song suggestions http://squeezeboxhero.com/blog.htm
    Next week I’ll post an updated songlist including choices of my “electrified-back-up-band-in-the-box” songs (so I’ll make sure and play your requests!). Here is a photo from 2010! http://squeezeboxhero.com/photos/socktoberfest/2010/images/2010sock10.JPG

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