OOF. Sausage is the gut!

September 26, 2012

Do you like the sausage?  I know i do.  We will eat brats, wurst, weiners, and franks together!  We will also have them made of yummy veggie stuff too!

Time for the beer announcement!  This year again we are featuring the custom handmade brews from my gut friends at No Limit Brewing!  They are good.  They are getting famous for being good at the beer making, oof. You can click to the link down below and see the No Limit Brewing website, they have a blog too! Image


This stuff is the best, you will love it!  Here is the menu of what you will like…


Were you at Socktoberfest 2010?  You have had this before.  This is my favorite, this is custom developed for me. Liquid Cake with booze.  It is chocolate, cherry, and bourbon, with a creamy finish, oof. I love the creamy finish.




Do you know Russell?  I do.  That guy is all about the nuts, oof.  He had this beer created especially for you to drink at my party.  A tropical getaway with delicious sweet toffee notes;  it’s toasted and so am I.  If you want to meet Russell, he will be hanging in the Huli-Huli Haus.




Oof, is it my birthday, again?  I can hardly tell.  I am old.  Oof, this is a yummy amber IPA that really says  “Alles Gute zum Geburtstag” to me, oof!  You will love this beer, and it’s got a long-lasting finish just like me!

Is that enough to drink?  I do not think so…I am also having a giant keg of Hofbrauhaus Oktoberfest Lager delivered straight to my house from Munich.  You can drink that too, oof!