OOF! What happened???

June 3, 2013

Well, the party was awesome. But that was a long time ago, and I have no idea what has happened since…Oof.  Did you have a good time?  I did, I think, oof!

I have woken up finally because the people that I live with have decided to take me to beautiful Frankenmuth, Michigan for the Bavarian Festival.  Oof!  It’s going to be like  a warm up for Socktoberfest VI.

Oh.  Speaking of Socktoberfest…Save the Date, it’s Saturday October 19, 2013, oof….

Maybe these ladies will let me ride on their float…  Love, Hubert



3 Responses to “OOF! What happened???”

  1. Sweet talk the ladies Hubert, they might even give you a kiss! And tell your house people to take you to the Reeperbahn in Hamburg this year! Me and the Beatles had great times there!

  2. Karen Stuetz-Garland said

    Woohoo! We can’t for Socktoberfest VI!!

  3. I think the Squeezebox Hero needs a floating stage this year! Or “dunk the accordionist”! haha

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