Another cousin has been adopted, oof!!!

October 10, 2013

My Cousin Otzi-munk  has been adopted last night!  He is a good monkey and will enjoy his forever home with at the Grotto!  I hope he knows how to play Futball!!!! OOF.

photo_4 (2)

Have you considered adopting a monkey?  If you have please go to

In the box that reads FIND REGISTRANT enter “HUBERT” (that is my name, oof!) as “First name” (leave last name blank).  There you can adopt one of these cute guys….just let me know which one in the gift card on the site!!!

Please check out the rest of the registry and have fun! Any help is a big help. You will see ways to contribute beer, cheeze, sausage and chocolate funds. There are some fun events that you can sign up for, they are fun too! Big “Danke” for taking a minute and checking it out!

Here are all vintage sockmonkeys whom have been lovingly fostered and spruced up by the people I live with, and they are ready for forever homes.  Woody is the 4th from the left, Otzi is teh caveman on the left!! They are lucky and got soem homes, but please read about his buddies!  Three more to go!
photo_1 (1)

Pierre “Bonzo” Mercure
photo_3 (2)
Mon cousin, Pierre hails from Montreux, on the coast of lovely Lake Geneva. He loves le Jazz, le relaxing, le musique and le fromage, oof. In his youth he was the official Fondue-Garcon at the famous rock and roll recording Mountain Studios. Quick with a lighter and a can of sterno, he has melted cheese for some of the most famous rock musicians including Iggy Pop, Queen, David Bowie, and his favorite band, Smokie!

Emilio Largo aka. Milo
photo_2 (2)
Milo is an unusual cousin. I am not exactly sure where his lives, but it may be under a giant volcano in the sea. He apparently works for a big corporation called Spectre that I think makes fireworks and piñatas, but I am not sure. Oof. He is a special needs adoption monkey, cause he lost a eye while swimming with his own pet sharks. He is a snappy dresser, and after a few martinis you will surely form a bond with him.

Cookie Puss
photo_5 (1)
This guy is out-of this world! Tripping on the edge of reality, moving towards the outer limits, oof. This cousin of mine, is a way-out warrior of neutrality, and is charged with the electrons of love. Embrace the unknown, reach out to the future, this monkey will light the way, or at least help you live long and prosper. Oh yeah, and he likes to fling his extra-terrestrial poo, too!

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, oof, and go to my party website! Socktoberfest friends are the best!


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