Yeah! Cookie Puss is on his way to his new forever home!

October 12, 2013

This guy is out of this world and he’s gonna have a great new home with Herr Braaten!photo_5 (1)

Only Pierre and Milo are left and they are quite cute, too!photo_1 (1)

Have you considered adopting a monkey?  If you have please go to

In the box that reads FIND REGISTRANT enter “HUBERT” (that is my name, oof!) as “First name” (leave last name blank).  There you can adopt one of these cute guys….just let me know which one in the gift card on the site!!!

Please check out the rest of the registry and have fun! Any help is a big help. You will see ways to contribute beer, cheeze, sausage and chocolate funds. There are some fun events that you can sign up for, they are fun too! Big “Danke” for taking a minute and checking it out!

Here are all vintage sockmonkeys whom have been lovingly fostered and spruced up by the people I live with, and they are ready for forever homes.

I am ready to drink some Jager next week, oof!  Are you????


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