Oof. Hello, 2014.

August 13, 2014

photoHello, I am Hubert.  I have been resting up since the party last year, and I am ready to do it all over again!  October 18, 2014 is the big day.

Were you there last year?  I was, it was gut!

Lots of intersting things are going on right now, do you know about the Tee-Shirt Contest?  I need you to design a awesome t for me, and for everyone coming to the parties!  Make sure it says “Socktoberfest” some where on it and “Come for the beer, stay for the sausage!”.  Oof, that is my catch phrase! (We will probably print on a black ground, or maybe you have a suggestion?)

If you have the winning design, you get one round trip air ticket to Socktoberfest from anywhere in the continental US that Southwest flys!  This is good for you people who live not where I lives…Fabulous Las Vegas!  You must email me a drawing by September 5th at HUBERTFEST@AOL.COM.

OOF!  You had better get working on this.



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