I am a sockmonkey.  I am from Switzerland, and I am vintage, oof.  I used to live in the basement, now I live in Las Vegas.  I love beef-burgers.  I was a Olympic skier at Nagano, I went really fast.  I like bananas too, but not as much as Russell, he has a tattoo, oof.

I don’t really know when my birthday is, but i like to drink beer and the Jaeger in October so sometimes there is a party, it is fun, oof.


6 Responses to “Hello. I am Hubert.”

  1. inkylouise said

    Hubert, stop logging into my computer!

  2. DerWeiner Brucezel said

    Ya, dere iz Monkeyjuice on ze keyboard!

  3. Jaede said

    You guys are too funny. Hubert, log in all you want I need to know more about you xxx

  4. Rich said

    Hubert’s, you secret concoction is almost complete!

  5. drawing monkey said

    herbert wake up….

  6. Der Jagermesiter said

    Hubert, we need more of you!

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