The Clock is ticking!!!

August 30, 2014

photoThe tee shirt contest only has one week left!

Did you do a design?  Did you send it to me at  Get it done, oof!



Time for the beer announcement! This year again we are featuring the custom handmade brews from my gut friends at No Limit Brewing! They are good.  They make the beer all the time!  You can click to the link down below and see the No Limit Brewing website, they have a blog too!


2013-03-13_No_Limit logo
This stuff is the best, you will love it! Here is the menu of what you will like this year…




Were you at Socktoberfest last year, and the year before and the year before, and the year before and the year before that? You have had this before. This is my favorite and my Opa, Roger’s favorite.  You will see him at the bar.  This beer is custom developed for me. Liquid Cake with booze. It is chocolate, cherry, and bourbon, with a creamy finish, oof. I love the creamy finish.




Did you try this yummy beer last year?  It was so good we are doing the Major Pump again with my Austrian buddy, Arnold! This beer is a  delightful, autumn pumpkin ale that is! It is tasty and filled with yummy spice, oof. “Milk is for babies. When you grow up you have to drink beer.”





Warning: Smoking cigarettes of any kind is bad for you, but drinking smoke beer is good! in Bamburg, Deutschland they call it “Rauchbier”.  Lots of good stuff is smoked: smoked cheese, smoked fish, smoked bacon, smoked sausage, you get the idea!  Smoked barley gives this beer it’s yummy flavor!




Is that enough to drink? I do not think so…I am also having a giant keg of Hofbrauhaus Oktoberfest Lager delivered straight to my house from Munich. You can drink that too, oof!



Oof. Hello, 2014.

August 13, 2014

photoHello, I am Hubert.  I have been resting up since the party last year, and I am ready to do it all over again!  October 18, 2014 is the big day.

Were you there last year?  I was, it was gut!

Lots of intersting things are going on right now, do you know about the Tee-Shirt Contest?  I need you to design a awesome t for me, and for everyone coming to the parties!  Make sure it says “Socktoberfest” some where on it and “Come for the beer, stay for the sausage!”.  Oof, that is my catch phrase! (We will probably print on a black ground, or maybe you have a suggestion?)

If you have the winning design, you get one round trip air ticket to Socktoberfest from anywhere in the continental US that Southwest flys!  This is good for you people who live not where I lives…Fabulous Las Vegas!  You must email me a drawing by September 5th at HUBERTFEST@AOL.COM.

OOF!  You had better get working on this.